What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Pam Oliver, “The Go To Girl” and your guide to Virtual Business Services. I help small business owners who specializes in the health and wellness industry.

You may ask what is a Virtual Assistant or a VA?

A virtual assistant or VA is a service provider who supports business owners.  A VA helps with freeing up business owners from day-to-day operational tasks or may develop a websites for their business.  Business owners are busy people.  They want to focus on growing their businesses.  Not on the details for running their businesses.  A VA can be a valuable part of a business owner’s team.

A VA usually works from their home or anywhere in the world. They are not tied to an office and they set their own hours.  This gives a VA freedom and flexibility to work where they want, when they want.  VA’s can work by task, retainer, or project for the business owner.

What Does A VA Do?

Virtual Assisting is a very diverse industry.  Virtual Assistant is really not a title, because not everyone who works in this industry has Clerical or Administrative Assistance Skills. There are many types of Services that can be offered under the Virtual Assistant umbrella.

Digital Marketing
Project Management
Product Launch Management
Membership Set-up
Customer Service
Graphic Design
WordPress Design
System Implementation
Real Estate Support
General Administrative Support

And there is more!

How can I help you?

I have worked in the Healthcare and Hospital Industry for 17 years. I specialize in Data Entry and File Management, Customer Service Experience, WordPress Management, and coming soon, Email Marketing set-up and management. Work with me!