Hiking At East Sooke Park

Hiking At East Sooke Park

Hiking at East Sooke Park was great break from the city. Last summer we started doing some hiking and thought this vacation would be more of a hiking vacation, but since my mom came with us we had to scale back on the hiking.  I wanted to visit East Sooke Park because every time I brought up hiking in British Columbia on Pinteret, this picture of East Sooke Park would come up.  You know the one with rock and the 3 trees.  My Photo looks good, but not as great as some of the others I have seen.

Hiking at East Sooke Park

It was a beautiful sunny day to explore one of the pocket beaches and the trails near by.  We did see a lot of seaweed, a clam, and a crab that had washed up on the beach.  There were some interesting distressed trees on the trail.

After we explored East Sooke Park we decided it was time for lunch. Nothing jumped out at us to stop at on the way back to Victoria.  If you know of a great place we missed in East Sooke Park area, let me know. We are big fans for local eateries.

Bard and Banker

After we got back into Victoria, we decided to go to the Bard and Banker. The Bard and  Banker is a Scottish Pub located in a former bank building.  My mom worked in a bank for years, so I though this would be good place to visit.

Jon and I indulged in a couple of Bloody Caesars with our lunch.  Which were quite tasty.  We ordered burgers and fish and chips to eat and enjoyed the ambience of the old bank building.  They still hand the vault in the restaurant along with very beautiful light fixtures and original woodwork.

It was another beautiful day in Victoria. The next day we would go on a wine and whale tour.