Easter Breakfast At Snooze


Having breakfast out is a treat for us and it has to be extremely awesome and yummy to get us out of bed to go out into the world.  This place is so good that we are willing to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds.  Snooze, An AM Eatery,  is small chain that started in Colorado and have expanded into Arizona, California, and Texas.  This place does some serious brunch food.   We have eaten at 2 of the Colorado locations and found that the service is consistently friendly and the food is “eggcellent” at both locations.  We go to Snooze for breakfast usually on Memorial Day and the Labor Day holiday’s.  It is a great way to start and end the summer and  an awesome way to celebrate a Monday that you don’t have to go to work.

Pancake Flight, Side of Bacon, and Breakfast Pot Pie


Pancakes at home or any place else, are just ok, but Snooze Pancakes are not to be underestimated.  Once you order their pancakes you will not want any other pancakes.  I order the Pancake Flight.  You can choose 3 pancakes from the pancake flavors they offer and they have a pancake of the day.  I usually order the pineapple upside down pancake, blueberry danish pancake, and usually the pancake of the day, which is a decadent concoction.  Have to have a side of bacon with all that sugar.  I am not sure what they do to make those pancakes so light because I inhale them in no time.

Pancake Flight with Pineapple Upside Down Pancake, Blueberry Danish Pancake, and Pancake Flavor of the Day

Breakfast Pot Pie

Another favorite is the Breakfast Pot Pie.  It is a twist on Biscuits and Gravy.  It is a sausage, rosemary gravy with bits of carrots and celery(just like a pot pie) poured over a puff pastry with an egg cooked your way on the top, with a side of hash browns.  Oh, those hash browns. Snooze has a dish called Snooze Spuds Deluxe.  It has cheese and scallions cooked in. You have an option of 2 fillings from their menu.  I did carmelized onion and roasted garlic once.  They add 2 eggs on top.  Yummy!

Breakfast Pot Pie with Hashbrowns. Side of Bacon


Snooze-Union Station

Jon and I decided to try the Union Station Snooze Location for our Easter Brunch.  Union Station has be remodeled over the last few years.  We had planned to explore after brunch to walk off the heaviness of all those wonderful carb loaded dishes.  But it was just too darn cold.  This location is smaller but we were able to get right in for a table.  Service was prompt, friendly and  laid back.  Jon and I decided to try their Bloody Marys(It is 5 o’clock somewhere and we took the light rail), Pancake Flight, and Bacon.

Pancake Flight, Bloody Mary’s, and Bacon.


We took the plunge and tried the Bloody Mary’s.  I had the Straight-up Bloody Mary which is the traditional Bloody Mary.  They also have a spicy version with a Habanero and Jalapeño Infused Vodka.  Jon had the Boss Hog which had a bacon infused bourbon.  Both were good.  Now for the Pancakes.  I choose the pancake of the day which was Chocolate Chip with a Lemon Poppyseed Glaze and a dollop of Marscapone garnished with shredded carrot for an Easter Bunny flare.  I also chose the Pineapple Upside Down Pancake and the Blueberry Danish Pancake.  Yum!  Jon chose the POTD, Blueberry Danish, and Peanut Butter Cup.

Favorite Restaurants.

Snooze is one of those restaurants that we will go back to for the good service and the great food.  Do you have a favorite breakfast restaurant?  I love to hear more about it.