Come Along On My Oily Journey

Perfume Addict

When I was kid anytime we would go to a store that had fragrances, I would have to try them out.  My mother did not appreciate it very much.  She always ended up with a bad headache before we would get back home.  As I became older and matured a bit the term aromatherapy peaked my interest.  The thought of smelling wonderful scents could be used to promote the health of the body, mind, and spirit made me happy.


I attended massage therapy school after moving to Colorado and learned more about aromatherapy and essential oils.  Essential oils can be used in a diffuser to  support ones immunity, used in a carrier oil for pain relief, and even some can be used in water to taste better.  In Colorado, we drink a lot of water and adding the oils helps to choke it down.

Fast forward years later.  My college age daughter hurt her back at her summer job life guarding before she left for university in Scotland.  I turned to essential oils again to help get her healed up.  I did not want her to be hurting during one of the most exciting times of her life.

Everyday Use

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Joy, Valor, Stress Away

Everyday I use essential oils.  I work in a very busy healthcare organization, staying calm and positive with the changing needs of the day is beneficial.  I use Joy, Stress Away, and Valor in roller bottles to keep the anxiety away. Thieves is beneficial for an immunity boost, especially during the flu season.  I sometimes use a combination of Stress Away and Peppermint in my diffuser in my office.  This scent combination of Lime, Vanilla, and Peppermint is not too overwhelming for others.

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Traveling with Essential Oils

[apsp-pin-image image_url='']I really cannot live without essential oils on a daily basis and I take them with me when I travel.  Deep Relief went with me on our annual family trip to Tennessee.  My brother-in-law used it on his knee and felt relief.  He could not stop talking about it.  I took Deep Relief with me on our London trip.  I got blisters on my toes that had not popped and were slightly calloused.  The cooling effect of Deep Relief made those blistered, calloused areas feel better.  Deep Relief is in a roller bottle form and is great for backs when sitting in those tiny airplane seats and hotel beds.

The Oils I Use

Essential Oils help me to support my health on a daily basis.  I use Young Living Essential Oils.  Young Living has been in business for a long time, they own there own farms, and they test their products by both their in house lab and 3rd party party testing.  Young Living  goes to great lengths to produce a great product. Interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils to support your health?  Click Here 

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