Lola Turns 11


Happy Birthday Lola!

Our lovely Lola turned 11 years old in March.  We fostered and adopted Lola 5 years ago.  She was our 4th foster dog after we lost our beloved Collie, Ashley.  We were fostering Holly at the same time and we decided we were going to keep her.  We were asked if it would be possible to to swap fosters, which we did not want to do.  Instead we decided to take Lola as a foster.  Lola had a toe that had a very bad infection and her first foster mom was feeling the challenges of getting Lola her to the vet for the frequent visits that were needed.


She is awesome!

Lola and Holly


Lola has been awesome from the moment we met her.  She hopped out of one car and into the other on 3 legs since her foot on the 4th was bandaged.  That night we took her to the vet for a bandage change.  Most dogs get anxious while waiting, not Lola, she laid on the floor and waited patiently.  I said to my husband, “We may need to keep her too.”  She greeted the vet very sweetly and tolerated an exam, then went to the back for a check on her toe.  Lola came back to the room with the same sweet demeanor, we left the vet, she jumped back in the care and home we went.  Our daughter fell in love with her as soon as Lola arrived.  She accepted love from the human girl and headed straight for the couch.


She wants to stay with us!

Lola the Roacher.

You know how you hear stories of dogs choosing their people.  We think that was the night Lola choose us or our couch.  She was in our foster care for 2 months before we could officially adopt her.  During that time she had her toe amputated due to squamous cell carcinoma that thankfully had not spread into her body and she had her “spa day”(spay) on New Years Eve.  What a way to bring in the new year.  To put a more pawsitive spin on this, we rang in that year with making Lola officially ours.

Happy Birthday Lola!