London Calling-Muesems, High Tea, and Harrods

Tate Britain


After a wonderful meal the night before, good nights rest, and some breakfast, we were ready to take on London.

Tate Britain

Our first stop of the day was the Tate Britain.  We glanced through all the galleries.  Myah took an art appreciation course the previous year.  We saw some of the paintings that she had studied in her class.  She was telling me all about the artists and the models of the paintings with great enthusiasm.  I am not sure who was prouder, me that she actually learned something from her class or she was proud that she felt like she could have an opinion on the art.

Churchill War Rooms


After that we took a double decker bus over to the Churchhill War Rooms.  The War Rooms were very interesting and the displays gave the feel of the bunker during World War II.  I really enjoyed his quote “We are all worms.  But I do believe thatI am a glow-worm.”  I think it reflects that he was a unique individual who was driven.

High Tea

I do enjoy a good High Tea and wish I could take it more often.  Since we were in London, High Tea is a must.  We took tea at the Egerton House Hotel.  Myah saw they had vegan offerings for high tea and booked the reservation.  This is the first time Jon took high tea.  He is not a tea or coffee drinker, so high tea is not on his list of things to do.  Myah and I promised him we would help him find a tea he might enjoy.  He ended up picking a Rooibos tea,  I stuck with my Earl Grey, and Myah with Darjeeling.  Along with a glass of Champagne we were ready for tea.  We warned Jon that even though the sandwiches and the sweets are small servings, you get full fast.  We left there so full, but it was so good.  Myah was really pleased with her vegan treats.

Outside the Egerton House Hotel

Eye Candy or Sensory Overload



Last stop of the day was Harrods.  Our plan were to pick up some treats from the food halls to take back to the flat with us and get the perfume that Myah wanted for Christmas.  Plus I wanted to check out their gift shop.  While we were at the perfume shop, we were engaged with questions like, where are you from in the states,  I have only been there when a relative died in New York, how many time zones do you have, and I want to go to Colorado someday.  I am happy that they were curious about us.  After leaving the perfume shop, we hit up the the Harrods gift shop and picked up some souvenirs to take home.  Then there is the food, they have pizza, steak, sushi, a champagne bar, coffee, and ice cream.  Picky eaters could fine something here.  Harrods is a very busy place and can be overwhelming.  We were still pretty full from our high tea.  So we decided to order take away at the flat and watch reruns of 48 hours.

Needed to get some rest to head to the V and A, Burough Market, and Piccadilly Circus tomorrow.