Victoria-In Seattle for the Night.

I have been looking forward to this trip for a while.  I have been to Victoria a couple of times.  We visited over Thanksgiving Myah’s Freshman year in high school.   We visited the city again when  we did college tours to Seattle and Vancouver the summer after her Junior year as nice day drip. My mom is accompanying us on this trip as this is the only vacation she takes and my vacation time my work gives is very limited.

Seattle for the Night

When we were making our accommodations for this trip we decided to fly into Seattle, go to our favorite restaurant 13 Coins,  rent a car and drive to Vancouver, catch the ferry on to Victoria.

We flew from Denver to Seattle on Alaska Air.  This was our first experience with Alaska Air and I was impressed.  The flight attendants did offer water fairly quickly to us after we took off from Denver.   Usually you have to wait for awhile for the drink cart to come out for that.  I did reserve the fruit and cheese tray for me and mom.  Jon thought I was silly for reserving this, but how many airlines give you the option of something fresh and healthy?  The fruit and cheese tray was so worth it.  It came with apples, grapes, brie, 2 cheddar cheeses, crackers, and a sea salt dark chocolate truffle.  The flight attendant brings your fruit and cheese platter out first when you reserve before serving the rest of the cabin.  They do not have drinks on that cart, so you will have to wait for the drink cart to order your Procecco.  We were in row 30, so we had finished  our fruit and cheese tray before the drink cart made it to us.  Still had the Prosecco though.  🙂  The drink cart made  one more trip before landing in Seattle.  Next Stop 13 Coins.

13 Coins

We discovered 13 Coins through a recommendation from a hotel we stayed at the first time we were in Seattle.  13 Coins has swanky high backed chairs at the counter where you can see the chef’s cooking.  This place is open 24/7.  Jon and my mom opted for pasta dishes, I went for the Prime Rib Special.  Our waiter was excellent and even more excellent to Jon when he mentioned one of the desserts was Peanut Butter Pie.  Oh Dear!  Usually we don’t have dessert when we go out.  But this was too good to pass up.  With really full bellys we took Lyft back to the hotel for the night for the next day we would have to pick up the rental car and travel to Victoria .