London Calling-London Zoo and Sunday Roast

London Zoo

London Calling-London Zoo and Sunday Roast

I have not been to a Zoo for such a long time.  Jon thought it would be fun to go see the animals.  The London Zoo is in the Regent’s Park area near Camden.  After arriving at the Zoo we came upon the penguins and the cranes.  The penguins were a lot of fun to watch.  There were beautiful parrots, pelicans, and flamingos. After looking at the birds, we went into the butterfly house.  A butterfly landed on my hand while I was taking a picture of another butterfly  I wish I would have taken a picture but was I afraid by the time Jon got his phone out it would have flown away.  Instead I just enjoyed the moment that I was sharing with the butterfly.

I always have to see lions.  I love Lions.  They are brave and have great hair.  These monkeys were just all over the enclosure having a great time.  Another favorite are the Tigers.  We enjoyed the reptile house and the fish.  Before the Zoo was to close we saw Giraffe and a Zebra(I think this guy was just waiting for us, I took its picture and then left the area), He made me feel special.

London Calling-London Zoo and Sunday Roast
Hello Cutie Pie!

Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast is the traditional Sunday dinner.  It is the main item on the menu at pubs in the UK.  Sunday roast is served with 1-2 meats, roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables, gravy, and yorkshire pudding. We walked from our flat to The Bridge House in Little Venice.  Had been a little drizzley out, imagine that in London.  It was refreshing to be walking in the dampness, especially with a nice comforting dinner at the end of that walk.   Jon and I had a fried Camenbert cheese  as a starter, we both chose the Sirloin roast with the trimmings. For dessert we had a Salted Honey Tart with Carmel Sauce.  It was all really good.  I also enjoyed an Elderflower Cider which was quite tasty.

After a busy day off to bed.  For tomorrow is our last day in London and we gotta make it count.