London Calling-Westminister, Trafalgar Square, and National Gallery


After a full English Breakfast at a cafe close to our flat.  We hopped the tube to see more sites in Westminster near the Thames were we had been the night before.  This was on our way to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery.  In the Palace of Westminster it was quite festive with tourists.  We saw musicians, beautiful architecture, statues, and even some Mini Coopers.   On our way to the National Gallery we came across the Horse Guards.

Trafalgar Square and National Gallery

I could have looked at those horses all day.  I am not an animal lover at all.  We needed to continue on to the National Gallery.  The National Gallery was very busy.  There were people climbing on the statues for have there pictures taken.  We found Yoda, for all you Star Wars Fans.  We saw works for art by Monet, Mattise and Renior.  Most importantly VanGogh.  .