London Calling-Westminister, Winter Wonderland, and Buckingham Palace

Shopping in Westminster

Our last day in London.  We checked out TopShop and Zara for some wearable souvenirs to shove in my suitcase.  I had some early Christmas money from mom, so early Christmas presents for me and I did manage to find 3 good sweaters from Top Shop for under $100 dollars that I could wear to work.  We continued to look at the shops and took in the sites while walking to Winter Wonderland.  We even passed the American Embassy.  I wonder at what point we were back on American soil?

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is one of the London Markets.  Jon and I love a good fair.  We were spoiled with the Illinois State Fair when we lived in Springfield.  I think this Market topped it.   Jon was in heaven when he discovered the fair food.  We decided on Chips with Curry Sauce to start with.  The Curry Sauce reminded us of the pub we used to visit when Myah used to Irish Step Dance.  It was so good.  After that we decided on bison burgers.  Those were yummy too.  As we walked around the market we sipped on mulled wine with cinnamon whiskey and hot chocolate and had cinnamon donuts for dessert.  We browsed through the stalls of items being sold and looked at all of the rides.

Buckingham Palace

What is a trip to London without an obligatory trip to Buckingham Palace.  We made our way there after we left Winter Wonderland.  We walked through Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, and Green Park.  By the way, I logged 20,000 steps on out last day.  

Finally to Buckingham Palace.  It was not super, crazy busy, probably because it was a Monday, but still had plenty of tourists.  We happen to be there when there was some visitors checking in to go into the palace.  We thought we may have a Harry and Megan sighting, but no luck.   The palace gates where open with the guards standing ready with their machine guns to protect the Queen.  I joked with Jon to see if we should check in and see if we were on the list.  He said we could tell the guards we are old friends of Lizzie’s and Phillip’s.  We decided we better not, we did not want to get shot and/or deported on the last day of vacation.  We do have to come back to the UK for graduation next year after all.  

After getting pictures of the palace and the guards, we made our way to Pizza Express ,one last time, then back to the flat to pack for our flight the next day to go home.

Green Park

Time to go home

This was such a wonderful trip.  We got to see our daughter, see the sights we wanted to see, and just had great time.  London is such a great city and really easy to get around.  I can’t wait to return again someday.

Is there a city that you can’t wait to visit again?  I would like to know where and why you can’t wait to go back.